17 January 2017

09:58AM We left our bags at the hotel whilst we got ready for 2 night stay at Moon Beach. And now we wait for the bus.

10:03AM Got on the bus for Ryukyu-mura (琉球村)

11:41AM We’ve arrived! This village, I must admit, caught me off guard, when one thinks of Japan you either think traditional kimonos and ninjas and samurais, or advanced technology, etc., so I seriously did not expect this at all. Okinawa has a culture totally of their own– from food to sake, from dancing to language, and from language to music.  Although it is only but a microcosm of what the village used to be, this park has not only reminded me that Okinawa used to be a kingdom of its own but also demonstrated it in such a way that one feels as if they’ve been guided to a sneak peak of their past.

03:50PM Arrived at our hotel – Onna Marine View Palace Hotel. I gotta say, this is probably my favourite so far. A refreshing blend of traditional and modernity in terms of the room layout – there are normal beds and tatami mats with futon!


View from our room

04:20PM Went for a swim, because why not!

05:53PM We waited for the sunset before going home. The tropical and islander atmosphere made me feel like home.

06:40PM Our third Okinawan dinner spent together.This time, food are bought from the conbini. All hail conbini dinners!!

18 January 2017

12:17PM After having to deal with 2 bus trips whilst feeling ill, we finally made it to Churaumi Aquarium (美ら海水族館).


Photo Credit: Leigh K.

04:20PM We spent around 4 hours in this beautiful aquarium.


04:41PM Taking the taxi home.


06:30PM We arrive and are about to have our second round of conbini dinners!



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