19 January 2017

01:02PM As we said goodbye to the lovely tropical atmosphere of Moon Beach, we returned to Naha once more to retrieve our luggage, where we then head to Naha airport to catch our next flight to Osaka!


03:40PM We’ve arrived and will now be heading to our hotel via the subway.

06:24PM After checking in at our hotel in Toyoko Inn, we went to see the bright lights of Namba district. We walk through Dotonbori (道頓堀).


The ever-so famous Glico Neon Sign


The Dotonbori canal reflecting the neon lights seen from the Ebisu Bridge.

06:40PM The inescapable McDonald’s for dinner.

~07:45PM The rest to Spa World and I head back to the hotel as I am not feeling the greatest. I really want to go though~

20 January 2017

10:48AM Universal Studios Japan!


07:30PM Finally met up with my first host family


My initial reaction upon seeing my new family consisting the Mother, Father, 3 daughters (Sara, Runa, Miko) and 1 son (Hiroto)



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