DAY 11
23 January 2017

07:32AM I wake up earlier and come  down to see most of the lil munchkins still sleeping. Sara was nearly ready for school though.


To celebrate hina-matsuri, we set up this doll set!


07:51AM This was our special pose. I did this pose the very first time I saw them as I was overwhelmed with their cuteness and as if they had practiced it before, they all simultaneously copied what I did. It was so special.20170123_075105

09:40AM Aw it’s time to say matta ne~


11:06AM My heart is literally aching. We did many things that I’ve wanted to do since I was little but never been able to. I’ve never felt so much at home, I  want to stay with them longer. But now we continue on and board the Shinkansen to Nagoya and then to Nagano.


03:01PM Finally arrived!20170123_150128

04:30PM Now we’re at Hokusai Museum, we weren’t allowed to take photos but here are a couple! Hokusai’s paintings are the epitome of Japanese paintings.


~06:00PM Just arrived at Uotoshi Ryokan. Very thankful to Miyasaka-san for driving us around  and helping us with our luggage.



~08:00PM Dinner

~09:00PM Had my first ever onsen experience. The water was very hot.   

DAY 12
24 January 2017

10:05AM Snow monkeys, here we come!

11:17AM I am not going to lie, this ~3km hike is  a killer but the view is  certainly worth it. Since most Japanese ryokans and/or Japanese buildings are coloured brown, the contrast between the white snow and the dark brown looked aesthetically pleasing to the eye.


11:29AM Found them! They look absolutely freezing, it makes me want to join in their cuddles!

12:01AM After a photo session, it’s finally time to head back down. I’m guessing that going down will be a lot less of a hike than heading up.

12:15PM The universal Coca-Cola. They’re everywhere.

01:52PM Warming up both my body and soul.


02:35PM Time to hit up the onsen. Y’know, I quite like onsens especially the empty ones.

20170124_14354608:30PM As we finished winding down and having dinner, Miyasaka-san is now giving  us an explanation and soon, a  demonstration of kyudo, Japanese archery. Kyudo is a lot more meticulous than I had previously though. To perform the Japanese archery, one must follow and pay careful attention to shaho-hassetsu (射法八節; “eight stages of shooting”)

09:45PM He just finished his demonstration and for those who stayed we were allowed to give it a try! So we did~


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