DAY 16
28 January 2017

02:52PM Travel day~ We’re travelling by Shinkansen Bullter Train and Limited Express trains to the Coast for our next homestay at Oda!

03:32PM Only reason why I like travel days. Look at them views!

04:00PM Most of us arrive at Oda and meet with our host family! I get to stay to with Emily and her grandparents! Lucky for me she speaks fluent English! But we decide that she converses in English and I in Japanese so we can both practice!

05:45PM Emily and I go for a neighbourhood walk and we talk about her school life struggles. Mostly about the unspoken hierarchy within the grading system and how it easily feeds the bullying culture. She had a lot to say about it.

06:30PM We have okinomiyaki for dinner! I must say that I’m having a very different experience with this family. Maybe it’s because she’s in an age where TV is king…?

09:03PM Watching a kagura (神楽) performance in  Yunotsu (温泉津)! This is so entertaining!!

~10:30PM After we tried on some of their costumes, we are now on our way home and obaa-sama is drunk!

DAY 17
29 January 2017

~08:00AM I get to sleep in today! Since Emily has an exam, I stay, have tea with obaa-sama and do my laundry.

12:00PM Having udon with Emily and Obaa-sama

12:30PM Getting changed into a kimono! This process is a lot harder work and precise than I thought! Poor obaa-sama was sweating by the end.

01:00PM Participated in a tea ceremony with Emily! She couldn’t wear her kimono as we didn’t have enough time for obaa-sama to do both of us 😥


02:03PM My feet are dead. Yamada-sensei kindly taught me how to make the tea. She also told me to come back soon and do another ochakai again!

02:45PM We are now on our way to Hotel Marine Thalasso Izumi.

05:17PM I feel so refreshed! So many elderly people in the pool but I can see why! I loved spending some quality time with Emily!!!

Day 17
30 January 2017

Today we visited The University of Shimane( 島根大学)and we were welcomed by the Principal and other teachers.

We also had lunch and socialised the with the students there.

After a long day, I went home to have dinner with Emily, obaa-sama and ojii-sama.

We went to a karaoke bar afterwards!



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