DAY 19
31 January 2017

We parted with our Oda homestay family today as we hop on another bus for the tiny town of Hikimi.


We split into two groups in visiting these Hikimi Primary School and to where I went to, Michikawa Elementary School. The school only had 4 students and 3 teachers! Unfortunately, they’re bound to close in March this year.

The students here were so friendly! In such a small school, there’s only one girl, who happens to be the tallest in the prefecture~

Along with Brant, we had lunch with Amato-kun and the principal. We then played fukuwarai afterwards.


After having lunch with them, we head to join the others at the middle school.

We were welcomed properly as we stood in 2 lines and were greeted with cheers.

The students gave us demonstrations of their art. The kato performance  was simply beautiful, when I was their age, I’m pretty sure I hadn’t mastered anything to that level. I was shook by the wadaiko performance, for such petite little girls were to capture complete control of our attention. And finally  kagura, since I saw professionals do kagura with Emily and Eri, I had an idea of what to expect. For middle schoolers, their performance of Yamato-no-Orochi (八岐の大蛇, Giant Eight Headed Serpent) was outstanding. So polished and refined, this would have taken a lot of practices to perfect. It was simply amazing.

We were then split into groups and were taught by the students how to play the kato and taiko, we were also invited to try on the kagura costumes and play with their instruments.


Group photo with Hikimi Middle School students ft. Hikimi wasabi mascot.

Dinner at the ryokan that the University of Shimane provided for us, Yasuragi-no-yu (匹見峡温泉やすらぎの湯) Hands down, one  of the best dinner I personally I’ve had.




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