DAY 20
01 February 2017

09:03AM So bummed that I didn’t see a real tanuki!


11:15AM After a couple hours’ trip, we finally arrive at Hiroshima. Entering the museum, the subtle atmosphere of despair and loss made the whole group quiet.

Walking around the museum and seeing the real damage and impact made by the second world war actually reminded me that Japan is not a country secluded from the rest of the world. Though they have their own rich culture deeply rooted in religion and tradition, making it seem otherworldly, it is a fragile country like any other. Japan was not an exception to a devastation that was brought upon mankind itself.

However, outside the museum, we walk alongside the bank to reach the park and I am stunned by how beautiful this city had become. Hiroshima accepts and embraces its past as it uses it as a driving force that strives for a peaceful and a compassionate world.

02:12PM After having an amazing Japanese curry for lunch, we head to Tokyo!

04:52PM The sun bids us farewell as we wait for the next shinkansen to Tokyo!


10:03PM Although we had a long day’s journey, it doesn’t stop there! We take the subway for Shibuya where Hachiko waits for us.

10:47PM While the rest goes for karaoke, I had the best ramen in my life ever.



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