DAY 21
02 February 2017



05:12PM Today has probably been one of my favourite days in this whole trip. I had such a great time just being able to go around by myself! Well, actually with Allison. And I enjoyed every minute of it!



DAY 22
03 February 2017

10:54AM Today we’re going to see some of Tokyo’s famous sights. Coming out of the station, I am quite taken back by Westernized buildings and streets. I’ve never been to Canberra, but it reminds me of Canberra or a very quiet Sydney.

Currently at the observation tower of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Offices. Beautiful sight of the city and of Mt. Fuji!

03:01PM To be honest, I wished that we didn’t go to Ginza as there was not a lot of things to see there except for very expensive and unaffordable things. The most expensive watch I’ve ever seen was more than $20,000!!! Although I managed to have a chat with a couple Filipinos there, I still would’ve preferred to have had a longer time at Asakusa instead of rushing through the busy crowd at Sensoji (浅草寺, Asakusa Kannon Temple)

03:45PM Now at Akihabara. I was very overwhelmed at first to be honest and then I got very excited very quickly!

05:38PM Mario Kart racing! It was real! They actually do it!!


Gotcha galore!!!!



Credit: Duncan C.


08:55PM After a long day at Akihabara, we finally head home with solid volumes of my favourite manga inside my shopping bag :’)


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