DAY 23
04 February 2017

12:56PM It’s back to snowy mountains for us!

03:20PM Beautiful town of Yamgata, Zao Onsen


03:41PM I love this ryokan!

06:48PM We’re off to see the snow monsters now!

06:56PM Such a lovely and cool walk.


07:00PM We’re here! 🙂

07:45PM IT.IS.FREEZING. Even the trees are cold.

07:53PM Literally can’t even feel my face nor any part of my body anymore. How fun!

07:56PM Feeling Elsa~

08:10PM Who needs warmth when they’ve got ice-cream!?


DAY 24
05 February 2017

10:00AM Today is pretty much a free day so I plan to do a little stroll around town today. Others are having a go at snowboarding/skiing but unfortunately I wasn’t feeling my best to try it out.

11:12AM I found this cute little café~ There were Australians having a coffee inside! I wanted to speak with them too but I was too shy >.<

12:00PM I got back to the ryokan. Joyce had a bad fever the whole day so I mostly spent my time taking care of her.

05:30PM Also played lots of UNO though.



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