DAY 25
06 February 2017


02:09PM Today we go to Susukino where we enjoy the ice sculptures!

07:10PM We’ve arrived! We also had Hokkaido’s shio, shoyu, and miso ramen for dinner, where this lady had to serve and made us all this ramen all by herself! Unfortunately we couldn’t try out the butter and corn ramen though 😦 maybe next time!

08:40PM The only thing going through my mind was “please don’t drop it Raya”. The ice sculptures were magnificent though!!

DAY 26
07 February 2017

10:37AM More sculptures~! People are sooo talented!

10:48AM The gang for today!


10:51AM The inescapable chibis. They were adorable but we couldn’t get very without them stopping us for an interview. It’s very admirable how they can approach older and foreign people so boldly like they do. Seems as if they get more reserved as they get older though.


11:02AM Coca-cola appears again, this time Japanese version!

~11:15 Had ice-cream.

11:41AM More ramen!!!

~12:00PM These snowboarders are amazing!


~01:00PM We arrive at the Tsu Dome Site. Also. Remember that time when I lost my belongings at the beginning of the trip, well this time I did again. I know I shouldn’t be calm, but I was so confident that I was going to get it back. And I did manage to get it back. Lucky I noticed that I didn’t have it on me straight away!

01:48PM I am in love with Hokkaido ice-cream.


04:53PM We went to the Sapporo Beer Museum where we learnt about Sapporo Beer’s history.


Credit: Ducnan C.


05:22PM This girl’s only dream: B.U.F.F.E.T. Yes, we have tabehoudai (食べ放題) in Australia, but we also need nomihoudai (飲み放題) – a drinks buffet!




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